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Zebra class Forest school

Week 1 - 25th April 2019

Our session started in the pouring rain but that didn't dampen spirits. We waited for it to ease a little then set off for Barnfield. We stopped at the jumping spot to practice our jumps then learnt about the crossing at Aspreys. At out Forest School site we played 1,2,3 where are you , then went on a foraging hunt. We found hazel cones, moss, dock leaves and the most exciting thing - the orchids are starting to grow. We came back along the 'jungle route' after a busy 1st session. Next week we're planning to den build, potion make and bug hunt! 

Week 2 - 1st May

Much better weather - we carried our coats in our backpacks. We stopped to practice jumping - really challenging ourselves to jump as far as possible. At the site we learnt about potion making, we hunted for bugs and we made some small dens and shelters. We had a great time in the long grass. Mrs Murtagh introduced us to our Forest School Passports which we use to show our learning. If we can do it , we get a smily face sticker. We also learnt about dandelions and daisies - we didn't find many pink tinged daisies.  

Week 3 - 8th May

A very wet week! The forecast was rain till 4pm. Mrs Murtgah knew that Barnfield would be too slippy and mussy so we went to the jumping spot and practised start jumps. Then Mrs Murtagh cut some elder with the loppers. We all looked at the soft middle which is called the pith. On our way back to school we played a warm up game called'Chip,chop change'. Back at school we went in the Year 1 thicket - the trees overhang it so its very sheltered. We used tent pegs and screwdrivers to take the pith out of the elder, then willow to make the top of the bubble blower. We then tested them and had some amazing bubbles. Hot chocolate and FS cookies rounded off our afternoon and we didn't get wet!   

Week 4 - 15th May

What a difference in weather. The sun shone. We worked round the fire pit. Mrs M showed us how to light a fire safely. We used tumble direr fluff, cotton wool pads, kindling and a fire steel. We whittled willow sticks with potato peelers and then cooked marshmallows on the sticks. We ate them in ice cream cones and had hot chocolate to drink. Then we played duck duck goose. A great afternoon of fun and learning. 

Week 5 - 22nd May

What beautiful weather. We headed up to Barnfield, stopping to jump on the way. We warmed up with the 'tarpaulin game' - you have to be quick and recognise who is on the other side. We learnt how to carry sticks safely and made journey sticks on our way up. Our new learning was the vetch and ragwort that we saw. On the site we constructed large dens, working as teams and making sure they were sturdy. We also bug hunted, identifying what we found and reading about their characteristics. Cooies, a drink and finishing off our Forest School passport finished off a very rewarding afternoon. Thank you Zebra class!   

Week 7 - 17th July 

All of Year 1 came up to Barnfield today . We went to collect some seed heads so that we can propogate some of them and grow some seedlings to plant in other parts of Olney. We collected Napweed seed heads and Birds Foot Trefoil. They will be dried out over the Summer then we'll try to grow them in our polytunnel. We also saw some moths - they were amazing , some of them were so big. Gordon told us all about their eggs and pupa and we saw the caterpillars. Thank you to everyone who helped - Mrs Murtagh

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