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New starters September 2020

We can't wait to meet our September 2020 Foundation children. If you have received the news that your child is joining us - welcome to our school family.

Things have changed really quickly for schools, nurseries and families due to the Corvid19 outbreak and subsequent lockdown, but one thing is for sure: none of us know definitely when we might be able to open again to the majority of pupils.

We understand that once new primary school places are confirmed, families start thinking about the transition to big school. You will have lots of questions - from practical ones about drop-off and pick-up, uniform and homework, to concerns about your child making friends or settling with their new teacher.

Transition is really important, partly to allay any worries children might have, but also to make you as parents feel confident about this next step in your child’s life. It’s a much bigger deal for some families than others, but it’s the start of a three year relationship and we want to make sure it gets off to the best start possible. Like most schools around the UK, we would usually invite parents into school for information sessions and arrange for children to meet their teachers.

However, we’re now thinking about alternative ways of helping new starters with the move to big school. This will be both in terms of how we can help them get a feel for the school, the staff and the way we do things, and what you as parents can do with children while you’re at home to get them ready for transition.

You and your child will be unable to physically come into school before September, but we’re exploring ways to make sure you have all the information you need, which will help everyone when school does begin.

We’re already getting our heads around the options of videos introducing teachers or maybe recordings shared on social media or even something online that parents can log into and ask questions.

Seeing the school building and layout can be really useful too and we are exploring the possibility of video tours of the classrooms.

 Ironing out the details will take time, but we will do our best to ensure that neither you or your child feels unprepared for this next step.

There is lots of support available to you and your child online.

The BBC resources are really helpful -

Watch this space for more information.

We look forward to meeting you all soon…

The Foundation Team