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Infant Strings - (Covid19) - at home


Hello everyone.

A message from the Milton Keynes Music faculty who are unable to come to school to give you the lessons you enjoy so much. 

We have prepared a few videos which we would like to be made available to infant string pupils. There are 3 in total and it’s my intention to send one out every couple of weeks during this half term.

As the video is made by a violin teachers there is some additional help for cello pupils below.

To avoid unwanted appearances on social media for our teachers we would prefer that the videos are not copied anywhere - these are just for the Infant Strings children use at home.

Pizzicato Video 1

Still image for this video


As you will see, this video is made by a violin teacher. Most of the information is exactly the same for cello players but there are a few pieces of information below which will be useful.

When the video asks the violin players to get into REST POSITION, the cello players need to get ready to play too. They need to sit on the front edge of the chair, feet flat on the floor and sit up straight.


String names

The thinnest string on a violin is E.

On a cello the thinnest string is A, then D, then G and then C


At The Zoo
The cello version of this is:
A for Alligator
D for Dolphin
G for Gorilla
C for Camel                         

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