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School Closure - Continuity Learning - Home Resources



Below is a suggested outline for a day that you could follow at home.

Please don’t try and do everything.

We will add suggestions for each area on a weekly basis.

Your children will be familiar with the activities we are suggesting.

Hopefully, they can show you how clever they are and ‘teach’ you.

Dip in and out of these activities.

You are and always have been your child’s prime educator and so much of your child’s learning will take place through practical activities such as cooking, baking, playdough, imaginary play, Lego, gardening, sharing stories, outdoor play (socially distanced of course!).

Please have a look at our calculation policy. It may be helpful when you are working with your child at home.   

 Art in your Window


Across Milton Keynes and the rest of the world children are starting to put their artwork up in their windows at home so other children who go on walks can look out for other children’s pictures.

We thought it would be a nice idea for as many children as possible in Olney to put a picture or painting that they have done at home in their window to spread a bit of happiness for all passers-by to see.

Perhaps create it on PurpleMash, save it in your work then print it out and put in your 'pop-up gallery'- the front window.