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Giraffe class Forest school

Week 1 - 27th February 2019


What amazing weather! 13 Elephants went off to Forest School this afternoon for the 1st time. It was also Charlotte's 1st time for coming out with us. We stopped at the jumping spot to practise our jumping. On the way up to the site we saw ash keys, birds nests, lots of ivy, and a few rose hips. At the site we learnt how to stay safe and we played 1,2,3 where are you - the FS version of hide and seek. We practised 'x' facor which is what we do if dogs are not on leads. We found lots of oak leaves, hazel catkins, moss and field maple leaves and made a large butterfly picture. After a drink and FS biscuit , it was time to walk back to school. 

Week 2 - 6th March 2019

The forecast was showers and breezy weather so we went well wrapped up. We stopped to jump and noticed the beautiful blossom on the tree behind the jumping spot. At the site Mrs Murtagh put up tarpaulins with bungees to give us shelter.We learnt how to make large and small dens with 'y' sticks. We learnt how to carry short and long sticks safely. We also made potions, and made our sticks magical with loom bands and forest finds. The rain didn't dampen our enthusiasm!    

Week 3 - 13th March 2019

There was a weather warning and Barnfield is very water logged so we didn't go up to our site. We went to the jumping spot and on the way back Mrs Murtagh cut some elder with her loppers. We played a game called valleys and hills then went into the Year 1 thicket area. We learnt how to take the pith out of the elder with tent pegs and screwdrivers. We used willow to make the end of our bubble makers then had great fun blowing bubbles.   

Week 4 - 20th March

This week we worked with Charlotte, Jo and Vicky. Jo is a retired biology teacher and was able to tell us lots of facts about the many creatures we found in our school pond. These included water boatmen, small newts, water snails, water louse and frogs. We also made some bird feeders from pipe cleaners and cheerios and they are very colourful in our pond area. We hope the birds like their snacks! We played the tarpaulin game - you have to shout the name of the person on the other side - but the adults mix them up to make it harder!  

Week 5 -27th March

Great excitement! Week 5 is traditionally our fire week. Mrs Murtagh taught us what a fire needs to burn and how we stay safe round our school fire pit. We learnt how kindling, vaseline, tumble drier fluff,cotton wool pads and a fire steel are all used to light a good fire. We whittled willow sticks with potato peelers and then toasted marshmallows, eating them safely in ice cream cones. Hot chocolate was a lovely treat. we finished with a game of 'duck, duck' goose and sang the Penguin Song.   

Week 6 - 3rd April 2019 

The forecast was light wind and light showers and we got away with it right until the end when it started hailstoning! It is the last week for Giraffes and we stopped at the jumping spot, explored why there are pink dots on the pavement near the crossing, looked at all the blackthorn blossom and looked closely at some buds we found. There are lots of signs of Spring. At the site we played tag in the long grass, then built small dens, large dens, and made potions. Mrs Murtgah hid 10 Easter eggs round the site and they all had bug facts hidden inside them. Did you know a beetle only lives for a year?

We pretended our tweezers were birds beaks and built some nests and then made pine cone birds to go test them out for cosiness. It had been a really busy time for our school kitchen and there were no FS biscuits - luckily Mrs M had some chocolate eggs and we all had 3 each! Thank you Giraffes , you've all learnt so much on your Forest School adventures this half term. 

Week 7 - 17th July 

All of Year 1 came up to Barnfield today . We went to collect some seed heads so that we can propogate some of them and grow some seedlings to plant in other parts of Olney. We collected Napweed seed heads and Birds Foot Trefoil. They will be dried out over the Summer then we'll try to grow them in our polytunnel. We also saw some moths - they were amazing , some of them were so big. Gordon told us all about their eggs and pupa and we saw the caterpillars. Thank you to everyone who helped - Mrs Murtagh

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