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Giraffe class Forest school

Group 2, Week 1, 25th Feb 

Euan ( who is training to be a Forest School teacher) led the session this week. Mrs Murtagh supported. Giraffes got ready quickly and then had quite a muddy walk up to Barnfield. Our usual site was too muddy to use so we stayed near the long grass. We played at being foraging ants to warm up then set off with hand lens and buckets to find some bugs. Euan told us that if a worm looses its head it can grow a new one! It can only do it once though. We enjoyed our drink and biscuit ready for the trip back to school. A great 1st session - well done Giraffes!       



Group 2 Week 2 - 4th March

Euan led the session. We spotted a robin on the walk and up and heard house sparrows singing. At the very muddy site we collected worms ( coloured wool) on our sticks and talked about which colours were difficult to spot. Our learning was either making a FS potion and identifying what we put in it or making a FS instrument. Euan introduced a new tool - a palm drill. We used it to make holes in the bottle tops. We used 'y' sticks and will use these again if we build mini dens. Euan showed everybody their FS passport whichis were we record new skills learnt with smiley faces.   

Group 2 Week 3 11th March

Euan led the session. Mrs Murtagh wore her wellies which was a good move as it's still very muddy on our site. We all waded through the huge puddle, trying not to get stuck! Our new learning this week was how to make mud faces. Euan explained about using natural resources to make the features on the faces. We used out magic potions to magic them to stay on the trees. Some children made shaker sticks and sang rhymes about bugs. Everyone out smily faces on their passports to shopw the new skills they have learnt. Next week - mud painting, small dens and pond dipping nets.  

Group 2 week 4 - 18th March

We had 2 visitors with us today. Donna and Gemma came to see how Euan is leading our sessions as he trains to be a Forest School teacher. They liked our site and were impressed with our children's skills and knowledge. Well done everyone! We had a stick week agin , this tiem using them to make small cosy dens, mud paitbrushes and birds nests. The challenge was to build the nest high in the trees and collect the sticks with tweezers as beaks. We hung the rucksacks up to stop them getting muddy. Last weeks mud faces had all slid down the trees. A great session Giraffes - well done all, especially Euan.        

Week 7 - 17th July 

All of Year 1 came up to Barnfield today . We went to collect some seed heads so that we can propogate some of them and grow some seedlings to plant in other parts of Olney. We collected Napweed seed heads and Birds Foot Trefoil. They will be dried out over the Summer then we'll try to grow them in our polytunnel. We also saw some moths - they were amazing , some of them were so big. Gordon told us all about their eggs and pupa and we saw the caterpillars. Thank you to everyone who helped - Mrs Murtagh

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