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The Curriculum


Children develop their understanding and enjoyment of art, craft and design through a wide range of activities that include drawing, printing, painting, collage, sewing, claywork and weaving. They are taught to use a range of materials, tools and techniques to produce a variety of work. They are introduced to the work of artists, crafts people and designers, locally and from other cultures.



Take One Picture


Each year the whole school collaboratively takes part in a project called 'Take One Picture'.  'Take One Picture' is the National Gallery's countrywide scheme for primary schools. The Gallery focuses on one painting to inspire cross-curricular work in primary classrooms. Every year we exhibit the work we have created in our school hall which is open to parent, carers and members of the community. The National Gallery then chooses a few select items to be exhibited in the Gallery. Olney Infant Academy has been very fortunate to have their work displayed numerous times and we have also featured on BBC Television’s “Look East”. We are very proud of our achievements!

Take One Picture- June 2015