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Meet our Midday Supervisors

We have a team of  Midday Supervisors at Olney Infant Academy, led  by a Senior Supervisor. They play a major role in the caring of our children during the lunchtime period. We aim that they are good role models and support our children’s social learning and self-confidence at lunchtime.

They also encourage a positive and healthy attitude to food and eating, modelling skills such as cutting up jacket potatoes and our clearing up routine.


Our Outdoor Midday Supervisors work with our Learning Outside Co-ordinator and understand that children learn just as much at playtime as they do during lessons.  They actively engage in play and conversation with the children, encouraging children’s own games, rather than just supervising them. Everyday they are supported by Year 2 playleaders.

The Midday Supervisors look for and praise good behaviour and are aware that different children have different needs. All the Midday Supervisors have good relationships with the children which helps to ensure that lunchtimes are an enjoyable and exciting time of the day!

Mrs Carly Beaumont - Senior Supervisor

Mrs Paula Eldridge

Mrs Joy Gooch

Mrs Virginia Burnside

Ms Tracey Andrews

Mrs Jean Keating

Ms Gemma Simon

Mrs Nesta Brice

Mrs Natascha Harrison