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Bug Buddies

Week 1 of Bug Buddies. 19 children are joining us. Libby and Euan are helping Mrs Murtagh. We started with a drink and snack - we tried some of the radish we planted earlier in the term - not everyone's favourite taste! Jobs tonight included making some labels for plants, making our own paper pots and planting some sunflower seeds, planting some onions and broad beans, and making some hay sacks for our pond. We are planning to have a bugs buddies watering rota for lunchtimes at school - we have lots of plants in the poly tunnel to keep flourishing.    

This week we took a tour of all our planted areas and put up some new signs we've made, watered everywhere, and looked at what we've planted - Kale, onions, mange tout, carrots, and cornflowers to name a few.We then made some more paper pots for sunflowers - we need to keep practising making them!

The instructions for growing them are:

keep moist, full sunshine, put in the garden when tall and strong, support with a cane. It will flower in August.     

Week 3

What a busy session we had! The plus was there was no watering as everything was out of the poly tunnel to get a soaking in the rain. We made some bird scarers - tying a knot needs some more practice, but they look great. They are on the raised beds near the poly tunnel. Libby worked with a group and planted aubergines, carrots, lettuce and cornflowers. Euan took a group and they filled up the planters in the herb garden by the kitchen. We also made some more labels. Next week - more bird scarers and fairy gardens.     

Week 4 and the sun shone! We started off by planting the mycelium that Kew Gardens have given us in the pasturised straw. We are hoping to grow our own funghi. We'll have to be very patient now as we have to put the box in a warm place for 4 weeks. Then we practised tying knots on the net behind the performance area. We needed to be able to tie good knots for the bird scarers we have been making. We also planted marigolds and cornflowers round the pirate ship and made some new fairy gardens by the trim trail. A very productive session.